Redesign or modernization

Are you looking for a rotary surface grinder machine that is practice-oriented and proven yet state-of-the-art? Two paths lead to an individual solution:

  1. HELLWIG designs and builds this machine for you according to your requirements
  2. or

  3. You have an “old” slideway grinding machine and HELLWIG reconditions and modernizes it according to your ideas and the basic technical conditions.

Design and manufacture of individual slideway grinding machines

  • All dimensions/technical data by mutual agreement
  • Your choice of control technology with the necessary expansion stages
  • Individual user interfaces

Modernization of an existing rotary surface grinder

  • Modification and renewal of the drives
  • Modernization of the controller and switch cabinet including new cabling
  • Installation of safety technology
  • Restoration of the geometric precision in accordance with German industrial standards (DIN)


Here you can see exaples of Redesign or modernization. Continue reading here